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About Florida PPE Services

Florida PPE Services, LLC was established in 2020 in central Florida. The founders of Florida PPE include team members who have established 16 other verified Independent Service Providers (ISPs) across the United States as well as a member who has a successful business specializing in providing decontamination supplies to firefighters across the globe.

Purpose – Florida PPE Services is dedicated to ensuring firefighters stay healthy throughout their career.  We work to minimize their risk of developing occupational illnesses from exposure to pathogens and products of combustion which can contain toxins, carcinogens, and other contaminants.

Mission – We are committed to assist fire departments with the implementation of NFPA 1851 through a gear maintenance program and educational training classes. As an Intertek Verified ISP, we will provide a program for the cleaning, inspection, and repair of fire department personal protective equipment (PPE). We will provide industry-leading products that support this mission. We will operate with integrity, fortitude, and dedication to customer service.

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