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Advanced Cleanings

The 2020 version of NFPA requires advanced cleanings of ensembles twice in a twelve-month period at a minimum, or when exposed to products of combustion or other contaminants.  Advanced cleanings shall also be done when routine cleaning fails to render the ensemble or ensemble elements sufficiently clean for service. Advanced cleanings must be performed by the original manufacturer, a verified ISP who has received training, or a member of the organization who has received training, per the latest edition of NFPA 1851.

Complete documentation of all advanced cleanings will be kept on file by Florida PPE Services for the life of the garment.

With the use of specialized cleaning equipment and decontamination, your fire gear will maintain the best condition possible.

“Your attention to detail and responsiveness was noted by not only our administrative staff but by the station crews as well. Winter Garden’s experience with Florida PPE Services was confirmation that we made the right choice to move from our previous ISP vendor.” – Deputy Chief Shawn Kelly, Winter Garden Fire Department

Our Cleaning Services Include:

  • Advanced Cleaning Using the Most Modern NFPA Compliant Systems
  • Specialized Cleaning
  • Complete Documentation of Advanced Cleaning per NFPA 1851

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